1. General Regulations:

1.1. Name of the bylaw: membership bylaw

1.2. The bylaw takes effect form the date of approval by the board of trustees

1.3. SJDA-UK member is any individual chosen as full, concessionary or honorary member.

1.4. amendments to this bylaw can be proposed by any trustee and is adopted by the relative majority of trustees votes..

1.5. SJDA-UK constitution supersedes any contradictions arsing form interpretation of this bylaw.

  1. Regulations to obtain and maintain membership

2.1 Definitions:

  1. Full member : a doctor or a dentist of Sudanese origin who is currently practicing in the UK between the levels of PHRO to 2 years post CCT/CESR
  2. Concessionary: a doctor, medical student, dentist or a dentistry studentof Sudanese origin who is not currently practicing in the UK and below UK consultant level.  
  3. Honorary member: either
  • a doctor or a dentist of Sudanese origin who is currently practicing in the UK at consultant level more than 2 years post CCT/CESR.
  • Non Sudanese doctors or a dentist at any level within the UK
  • Members not fulfilling the above criteria appointed by the board of trustees.

2.2 Obtaining membership in SJDA-UK

  1. Filling an application form ( physical, email, or an online form) See annex 1.
  2. Approval of membership application by the membership coordinator.
  3. Approved members will receive a confirmatory email within 21 days.
  4. If Application is refused the decision of the membership officer can be applied in a written letter to the board of trustees.
  1. Rights and obligations:

3.1. All members have the following rights :

  1. Access to SJDA-UK online materials and projects.
  2. Attend SJDA-UK events at subsided prices.
  3. Participate in SJDA-UK activities.

3.2. Only Full members have the following rights :

  1. Proposing rights of ideas and projects.
  2. Voting rights in general meeting according to constipation and bylaws.
  3. Leading SJDA-UK projects

3.3. Concessionary and honorary members have the following rights

  1. Proposing of ideas and projects to SJDA community
  2. Exempt of membership fees
  3. Participation in SJDA-UK projects
  4. No voting rights in SJDA-UK general meetings

3.4. All members must :

  1. Follow SJDA constitution and bylaws
  2. Pay membership fees where appropriate
  1. Termination of membership:

Membership can be terminated if case of any of the following:

  1. Resignation
  2. Death
  3. Not paying fees for more than 6 months
  4. Disrespect of SJDA-UK constitution and bylaws determined by a committee formed by the board of trustees;
  5. The board of trustees has the right to remove a member if it is in the best interest of the association. The said member has 21 days to request a meeting and present why he should not be removed.

5. General Regulations:

  1. The membership runs annually from April-March of each calendar year.
  2. The membership status is reviewed annually and changed as appropriate.



SJDA-UK : Sudanese Junior Doctors Association -UK

FY-1: Foundation Year –1

PRHO: Pre Registration House Officer

CCT: Certificate of completion of training

CESR: Certificate for Eligibility for Specialist Register