SJDA-UK Mentorship Project

Get peer guidance and support for career and life..

The purpose of this project

Being a new resident in the UK can be challenging and having guidance from someone who was in similar circumstances to yours is invaluable. SJDA mentorship project provides a more individualised support, guidance and empowerment. It arranges a one to one close guidance and support for your career and life.

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benefits of the project

  • A networking platform for joining SJDA members together and sharing their journeys.
  • Individualised guidance and signposting tool for living in the UK.
  • Support around the expected challenges for the newcomers and even those who have been in the UK for some time.
  • A tool for boosting the confidence of the new residents about facing the changes in living in the UK.
  • It provides experience of mentoring for the mentors and enhances their CV.
  • A potential for social security among Sudanese junior doctors.


How does it work?

Members who want to benefit from having a mentor can apply via the link below. The cohort of applicants will be distributed among the mentors. We aim to process the application as soon as we can but it may take up to two weeks. Allocation will be based on factors such as geographical location, career, family circumstances (e.g. mentees with family are more likely to benefit from the experience of mentors with family). However, it is not always possible to have an exact match between the mentor and the mentee.

Contact details will be shared between the mentor and the mentee and it will be up to both parties to decide the mode of communication. A feedback will be sought after 6 month period.

Criteria for Mentee

  • SJDA member
  • Physically Residing in the UK e.g already started a job or already in the UK doing Exams etc. or will be living in the UK soon i.e secured a job.
  • Note: the programme is not for those who are planning to come to the UK, e.g those who haven’t had a visa yet.
  • Also the programme is not necessarily for those who have just arrived to the UK, anyone who feels he/she would benefit from mentorship can apply.

Criteria for the mentor

  • SJDA member.
  • Preferably has been in the UK for at least 3 years.
  • Willing to advice and support mentees.


The programme provides mentorship in terms of live as a general in the UK and career issues, however the mentees priorities and expectations will be considered if a single mentor is not available to provide both.

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Case Scenario

Ahmed is a junior doctor who arrived to the UK for an SHO job in Devon. He was joined by his wife and son. He contacted SJDA members to have a mentor just in case he needed some guidance. SJDA mentorship project allocated a mentor for him, Khalid, a SJDA member in Derby who had been in the UK for 5 years. Ahmed contacted Khalid and introduced himself.

For the following 3 months, Ahmed was in touch every few weeks with his mentor, he knew from Khalid how to claim tax refunds and childcare vouchers which saved him some money. His mentor also gave him advice on how to resolve a dispute with the letting agency where he rented a flat. He also knew from Khalid some of the places in the UK with attractions for spending the weekend with his family.

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