Khartoum 2-3/07/2017

Soba Examination Center (SETEC), Khartoum, Sudan

event Summary

The course provided hands on practice of more than 50 exam like scenarios with real patients and surrogates. Each candidate had a chance to take on full station and invidual feedback was provided swiftly. This was similar to the courses run in London with more than 25 instructors (around 15 from the UK).

We had an excellent host in Soba (SETEC) and excellent collaboration from the department of Internal Medicine, University of Khartoum who were very helpful, thank you to all the staff who worked really hard to support the course.


Instructors & Organisers

Patients & Surrogates


A local event.. International Standards..

The event was organised in a way so all candidates can get benefit from being tested in real-life exam conditions.

Special thanks to Mayada Abdelhalim for leading the idea, the planning and the execution of the course and all the unnamed warriors who worked hard behind the scenes.

There were also talks and lectueres to emphasize on the most difficult skills experienced by candidates like Fundoscopy and communication skills stations.

Real Exam Conditions…

The major part of the course was the mock exam, where candidates were tested under strict exam conditions  & real exam scenarios..Over the two days, candidates moved through stations and  received individualised marking & feedback..

The mock included all PACES exam stations, icluding historytaking, communication skills and physical exam stations.

In addition to this, each candidate received a candidate package containing valuable PACES resources to help in their exam preperation.

Programe Highlights

  • First day morning: Registration, handing in the candidates’ package. Introduction to the PACES course and Allocation of candidates to groups.
  • Afternoon: Mock exams, where each candidate was tested in strict exam conditions in the PACES station 1, 3 & 5. candidate physical examinations skills (Abdomin, Chest, cardiology, neurology, Endocrine, rheumatology, etc.)
  • Second day morning session: a quick group feedback on day one sessions and a session about fundoscpy technique.
  • Second day afternoon: mock exam in the following PACES stations: Stations 2 (Communication Skills), Station 4 (History Taking) & station 5 (Examination of Optic Fundus).
  • lastly, Course feedback & closure session.


“Highly organized, professional & informative team. Examiners were helpful.. It was very beneficial‎”

“I attended many similar courses but this is the best one, Handout was helpful  and course was very organized.. Thank you.”

“Thank you SJDA for this informative course, I’m proud to be a candidate in the 1st SJDA paces course in Sudan.. Well done‎”

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