Manchester 13/01/2018

Post graduate center, Manchester Royal Infirmary

event Summary

Around 60 people were present on the day including 21 interviewers and 11 organisers all came from different cities in the UK.

Specialities included: CMT, cardio, renal, respiratory, rheumatology, endocrinology, neurology, general surgery, orthopaedics, psychiatry, paediatrics, histopathology and intensive care medicine.





A multinational event;

The event was attended by nationals of: Sudan, UK, Iraq, Egypt and Brazil.

The interviewers were consultants and specialty registrars in the above specialities.

Real Exam Conditions…

The major part of the event was the mock interviews, where candidates were tested under strict exam conditions  & real exam scenarios.. Candidates received individualised marking & feedback..

Programe Highlights

  • Registration, handing in the candidates’ package and collecting portfolios.
  • Lectures and general talks, topics covered included: communication and personal skills, commitment to speciality, academic skills and general tips for the interview.
  • Afternoon: Mock interviews in strict interview conditions, and lastly, feedback and discussion & closure.
Morning Talks & Lectures
Speciality Small Working Groups
Speciality Mock Interviews
Individualised Portoflio Feedback


“Great organisation, I’m very impressed with this interview mock course. It has ‎exceeded my expectations‎”

“Dear SJDA group, many thanks for the hospitality and this very organised course. Keep on coming!!‎”

“Amazing catering service & organisation of breaks.. Food was delicious Sudanese cuisine, FANTASTIC‎”

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