“By Junior Doctors……For patients”

Many Sudanese junior doctors who graduated outside UK have worked in underdeveloped areas in low income countries. They witnessed the lack of healthcare facilities, services and equipment in these areas and how very poor people suffer because they can’t afford the drugs and treatment they need. One of the main reasons many doctors choose their career is to help the suffering and sick people. The aim of  of SJDA UK Relief is to relieve sickness and preserve health of people in underdeveloped areas by the provision or assisting other charities in provision of health care services & facilities, medical equipment and medicine to those who are in need. This will be done through several individual targeted projects independent of each other but are well co-ordinated. Each project can be led by any SJDA UK member who will need to submit a project proposal to the charity trustees for approval. Funding of each project will be independent of other projects and donations will be collected specifically for each project. The charity trustee’s may choose to support an individual project from SJDA UK general funds.




To relief sickness and preserve health of those in need


Specific Objectives


Providing or liaising with other charity organisations to provide or fund:


  • Temporary or long term health care services & facilities in areas where these services are needed.
  • Medical equipment to healthcare facilities (including education and training of healthcare workers) in low income countries.
  • Medicine and funds to those in need due to sickness.


How it works

The relief work will be divided into projects with specific targets and timelines. A project leader will submit his project proposal to the charity trustees or the “SJDA Relief “ Officer. Once approved the project leader can create his team and start working on his project including collecting funds.



Monitoring and evaluation

For each project clear target and timelines should be set and a periodic evaluation plan should be in place.



  • Online advertisement through SJDA UK website and social media.
  • Posters and flyers
  • Emails




An SJDA UK Relief officer will be appointed by the charity trustees and in the future a committee led by the officer and relief project leaders will be formed for management and co-ordination purposes.




Each project will collect funds/donations separately using SJDA UK facilities. Funds could be collected by:

  • Members donations.
  • Donations from none members.
  • Donations from organisations.
  • Fund raising events.