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Please note: This post provides advice and guidance about UK visa and immigration. It is part of SJDA-UK effort to help junior doctors aspiring to work in the UK. UK visa rules change quite frequently. Will try to update this information as frequently as the changes as made. Please always double check the information on the UKVI website before applying.

>>>This is not a legal advice. It was only written as a guide.<<<


Section 1: Your First Tier2 General Visa (Formerly known as the work permit)

How early can I apply before starting date of my job?

You can apply no more than 3 months before job proposed start date.

How do I apply?


Create an account and login. Use Apply for Myselflink and fill a few other details like passport etc. Reason for visit: choose Work.

Visa type: choose Tier2 General or Tier2 General shortage occupation (ask the employer about visa type)

Visa Subtype: General migrant(for the main applicant). Less or more than 3 years depends on CoS (ask employer). General partner/Child: for your dependants.

Then create applicationto complete the process.

How long does it take to get a visa?

Timeline: 2-6 weeks if applied from Sudan.

What documents do I need for my first Tier2 visa application?

  • Application form and your certificate of sponsorship (CoS) reference number
  • proof of your knowledge of English. i.e SELT/OET
  • Maintenance: a bank statement or letter that shows you have enough personal savings(unless your certificate of sponsorship shows your sponsor can support you)
  • Valid Passport
  • expired passports or travel documents if you need them to show your travel history
  • your TBtest certificate
  • A criminal record certificate.

What are the different types of Tier2 General visa?

  • Shortage occupation (Jobs in need i.e A&E and some other non-training jobs)
  • More than 3 years (more fees)
  • Less than 3 years

What is CoS?

Certificate of sponsorship (CoS): Virtual certificate . You only need the CoS number for the application.

Are there different types of CoS? Yes

  1. Restricted CoS: All first job CoS need authorisation by the UKVI before issuing. Make sure that trusts are aware that you need Restricted CoS if it’s your first job in the UK. Having non-restricted CoS could lead to the application being rejected. Restricted CoS are issued once a month. Urgent applications (from employers) can be accepted by UKVI.

Un-restricted CoS: For all jobs Tier2 extensions. Could be issued the same day of application.

How Do I confirm maintenance?

You need to confirm you are able to support yourself/your family financially in the first month of employment. £945 for you and £630 for each dependent. To prove this:

  1. Bank statement showing equivalent amount kept in the account for 3 months.


  1. Employer certify on CoS that they will maintain you and your family in the first month of employment (it’s a box in CoS application). You may also need a letter from the employer to confirm this.


Section 2: Tier2 extension:

Only for those who already hold a Tier2 visa and want to extend visa with the same employer or change job.

What are the required documents?

  • Application form and CoS number.
  • Financial support documents (3 months bank statement or payslips)

How can I apply?

Ø  Premium (Extra £500) but will get visa same day.


Section 3: Dependent (Partner and children) Visa:

What are the required documents for Tier2 dependent visa?

Copy of your BRP

Financial support documents (payslips/bank statement)

Supporting letter from yourself


First Dependent visa may require proof of ties: Marriage certificate, phone statement. Photographs.

Can I do locums if I am on a Tier2 visa?

Yes. You can work extra 20 hours/week (for the trust or locum agencies).

Can my wife work?

Partner and other dependents can work full or Part-time.

My wife got a training job, can she use a dependent visa to work as a trainee?

Very complicated. Easy answer is: Partner may not be able to work as a trainee doctor if its endorsed on visa card (BRP). In this case, she may need to get her own visa to start training.

I am changing my Tier2 visa because I am switching employer, does my wife and children need to change their visas too?

No. Only need to extend when it’s about to expire.


Section 4: Switching to Tier2 visa from another Visas:

Tier5 ( MTI visa): need restricted CoS and have to apply from outside the UK.

Tier4: Can switch to Tier2 inside the UK if its for Bachelors or PhD degree

Further information:


Section 5: IHS (immigration health surcharge):

For all visas (except ILR)

£200 per visa per year. i.e: family of 3 applying for 3 year visa, HIS costs £1200.

Usually paid as part of the application process.


Section 6: Settlement (Indefinite Leave to Remain)

To qualift you need 5 years of residency counted from Tier2 visa issue date. Has to be the same visa line. If you switch from Tier2 dependent to main applicant, you may reset the clock and start from scratch.

Can apply 28 days before you complete 5 years.

What documents do I need for Settlement application:

  • Confirm settlement in the UK for the whole duration by
    1. Letters from all employers confirming employment dates and confirming that you didn’t exceed your of leave allowance (Recommended)


  1. All previous payslips or council tax or utility bills.
  • Current employer letter must clearly state Salary and allowance, Job SOC code (2211) and more importantlythat you are still required for the job.
  • Last three payslips.
  • Last 3 months bank statements confirming salary going into your account.
  • Police registration certificate (if you have one).
  • English test (Old ones are fine (even if expired) if they were previously accepted by the home office in a previous visa application.
  • Life in the UK test
  • Passport, BRP and 2 photographs

Note: Children born in the UK (before settlement) will qualify for Registration as citizens when the main applicant granted ILR. Children born after ILR issue will automatically be recognised as British citizens.


Section 7: Citizenship:

Eligible 12 months after ILR.

Documents: This link provides good guide.

How to apply:

Nationality checking service/Documents return service (Recommended): Run by local city councils. Allows you to keep passport and other original documents whilst application is processed. Fee apply: £50-£100.


How to apply?

By Post (Not recommended): Have to send all original documents.

How long does it take?

Variable. From 6 weeks to 6 months.  That’s why it’s better to use Nationality checking service to keep your original documents in case you want to travel.


Hope you find this helpful

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