Clinical Oncology Cover Photo

Section 1: Information about the writer

Dr. Mazin Sirelkhatim – ST3 in Clinical Oncology

North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre, Glan Clwyd Hospital,Rhyl

Section 2: Scope of practice in the UK:

Clinical oncology is the non-surgical aspect of the management and treatment of patients diagnosed with curative or metastatic malignant disease.

Clinical oncologists may treat patients with various forms of radiotherapy, systemic chemotherapy, biological agents and hormone therapy. The continuing prevalence of cancer means that there is an ongoing need for committed clinical oncologists within the medical profession.

Job description:

  • Attending MultiDisciplinary Team (MDT) meetings with Radiologists, Histopathologists, Medical Oncologists and Physicians/Surgeons.
  • Reviewing in-patients.
  • Attending clinics to review new patients and follow up patients including those undergoing radiotherapy, systemic therapy or both.
  • Radiotherapy planning sessions.
  • Attending regular teaching sessions.

Section 3: Type of Training/ Route to Training

Depending on the Deanery, but tends to be a 5-year programme where you would be expected to complete FRCR clinical oncology exams before being awarded CCST. LAT years can count towards training but will need to be discussed at the level of the TPD.