Section 1: Information about the writer

Dr Shuayb Elkhalifa

ST6 Immunology/ BSACI trainee rep/ ESID-UK- country trainee rep

Deputy Trainee Representative School Board of Medicine,

Health Education North West,

Central Manchester University Hospitals

Section 2: Scope of practice in the UK:

The clinical work of Immunologists is largely out-patient based and involves:

  • Primary immunodeficiency clinics
  • Allergy clinics (food, pollen, drugs and venom allergies)
  • Immunoglobulin infusion clinics for patients with antibody deficiency
  • Desensitization immunotherapy clinic
  • Provide opinions on inpatients and over the phone
  • Working collaboratively with relevant organ-based specialists to provide optimal care for patients with systemic autoimmune disorders and vasculitis
  • Depending on the particular needs of the individual trainee; attachments can be arranged in allied disciplines such as Rheumatology, Haematology, Nephrology, Respiratory medicine, HIV medicine, Transplant medicine, Histocombatibility & immunogenetics

Laboratory activities:

  • Interpretation and validation of results (e.g.: electrophoresis, cellular immunology, autoantibody analysis, and allergy assays)
  • Clinical liaison.
  • Quality assurance and assay development

Other activities

  • Attending clinical meetings and MDTs.
  • Attending national training days: 3 to 4 meetings a year.
  • Conferences, national & International meetings.
  • Ample opportunities for research, teaching and training.