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Section 1: Information about the writer

Khalid Alsir HASSAN – Senior Registrar/Specialty Trainee (ST8)

Currently employed by Sheffield Children’s Hospital – South Yorkshire

Section 2: Scope of practice in the UK:

Paediatrics is a unique specialty, and the practice here in the UK is quite different from what we see back home, or in the middle east. There are general cautions that you will be able to recognise and adapt to very quickly after you start working. You will need to get more experience with certain paediatric procedures (e.g. Consent, ethics & safeguarding). Most of the overseas doctors adapt very quickly, and do great! So no need to get worried. Always, there is someone available to help and provide advice. You just need to ask!

Here in the UK, after successful completion of a medical degree (MBBS equivalent), the two years following medical school will be spent by a newly qualified doctor in the foundation programme (House officer equivalent) to bridge the move from medical school to specialty training.